Urgent Care Center in Naperville

Urgent Care Center in Naperville

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It is often inconvenient to get sick because your doctor’s office is closed and you need medical attention. During those times you have three choices, suffer until your doctor is in again, go to the emergency room or to an urgent care center. Suffering until you can see your doctor is counterproductive and you’ll probably get worse. Going to the ER is good if you are in an immediate medical crisis and need a hospital to treat a life-threatening condition but otherwise it is inconvenient because you’ll probably wait hours to be treated and the cost is extremely high. Our urgent care center in Naperville is the best solution, it’s like your own doctor’s office but open when you need it with no appointment necessary.

Our urgent care center in Naperville, Prime Immediate and Primary Care offers a full range of urgent and primary medical care services. A board certified physician is always present to take care of your medical needs. It’s expert medical care when you need it without the hassle and wait associated with a hospital ER. Under the direction of Dr. Fouzia Muhammedkarin, MD, a family practitioner our practice specializes in all kinds of medical services including on-site laceration repair, fracture and trauma management, asthma management, skin infection and occupational medicine treatment services, flu symptoms, allergy reactions and a great variety of other urgent medical needs.

Our practice’s name lists “immediate” and “primary” care and our office offers both types of care. Aside from being an urgent care center in Naperville our practice can also be your primary care provider. Our doctor is a practitioner of preventative medicine and provides the same preventative care as any other primary care practice. Our office is available for annual examinations, flu shots and other vaccines, well-care visits, blood tests as well as the non-urgent medical needs due to colds, coughs, backaches, sprains and the whole gamut of primary care services. Whenever you need medical attention, whether urgent or standard or you would like preventative medical services to check the status of your health and keep it in top shape come into our care center. You can always just walk in – the doctor is waiting.

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Naperville, IL 60563
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