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Walk in Clinic in Naperville

Naperville Urgent Care

Needing any kind of emergency medical care is a matter of absolute import. The sooner you have any issues taken care of, the sooner you can get your health back on track. They are called medical emergencies for a reason and not seeking immediate care can have dire consequences. If you are looking for urgent care or walk in medical care so that issues can be taken care of as soon as possible, you can visit our walk in clinic in Naperville, Prime Immediate and Primary Care, where we can provide you with the immediate medical care and attention that you need.

Walk in clinic in Naperville

Walk in clinic in Naperville

Urgent care can constitute many things. Some issues that may otherwise be treated at the emergency room of your local hospital can be treated here without the wait. Some of the emergency room type issues that we can help deal with here at Prime Immediate and Primary Care include minor surgery required for wound care such as stiches. We also provide care for a variety of other health concerns like fevers and coughs. Both conditions are relatively common, but sometimes when they have no explainable origin, go on for too long of a time, or have other aspects that worry you, you may not want to wait for the next available appointment with your general physician. Instead, you can visit our walk in clinic in Naperville to get the urgent care that you need without the wait. Here at our walk in clinic, we also provide treatment for colds, other acute minor illnesses like sinus infections, eye infections, ear infections, sore throats, etc. We can also provide you with drug tests and lab services if you need a pregnancy test, blood test or simply need work drawn up for a new job.

If you need any medical care but cannot afford to wait around for the next available appointment, then visit us here at Prime Immediate and Primary Care. Our expert staff is here Monday through Saturday to provide you with the urgent care that you need. The next time you need immediate medical care and are looking for a walk in clinic, just remember that our walk in clinic in Naperville has everything that you need.

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