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At Prime Immediate and Primary Care, our Naperville urgent care experts are here to help you through a number of medical situations that may arise. One of our specialties is the treatment of acute minor illnesses. Acute minor illness refers to a variety of different conditions and symptoms that you may experience and that require specific medical attention. One of the most common complaints that falls under this category is having a persistent cough. A common cough can be caused by a viral or bacterial infection, or it can also be the result of allergies, heartburn, certain medications, and many other potential scenarios. Because the causes of coughs are so varied, it can be useful to get a professional opinion at our Naperville urgent care facility. At Prime Immediate and Primary Care, we will work to uncover the root cause of your cough, and then inform you about this cause and how it can be prevented. From there, we will recommend treatment options, such as antibiotics or over the counter cold medicines, or any other treatments that may be necessary. In some cases, may suggest a chest x-ray in order to get a better idea of the reasoning behind your cough.

Sore Throat Medical Care Naperville
Sore Throat Medical Care Naperville

Another acute minor illness that we commonly see in patients is a sore throat. Sore throats often are present in conjunction with coughing, and therefore often have the same root cause. We also commonly see infections as an acute minor illness in our patients here at our Naperville urgent care facility, such as ear infections and eye infections. In many cases, these illnesses need antibiotic medication in order to be cleared away and to resolve your symptoms, so you should always visit Prime Immediate and Primary Care if you think you may have an infection. Another symptom that falls under the category of acute minor illness is fever. If you, or especially if your child, are experiencing a high and/or persistent fever, you should visit us as soon as possible so that we can evaluate the situation.

To learn more about these topics and others, we invite you to visit our Naperville urgent care center’s main website. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the staff at Prime Immediate and Primary Care either by phone or online for assistance.

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