Naperville Urgent Care Doctor

Naperville Urgent Care Doctor

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Urgent Medical Care in Naperville

Naperville  Urgent Care Doctor
Naperville Urgent Care Doctor

Along with our primary care services that we offer, you can also take advantage of urgent medical care when you have a problem that cannot wait for the next day (or longer), and yet does not require a visit to the emergency room. You can expect attentive, skilled treatment from our Naperville urgent care doctor.

Why go to the ER unless you absolutely have to? Certainly, if you have a life threatening circumstance that you’re dealing with, then don’t hesitate. Call 911 immediately, or go to the hospital yourself if that seems more appropriate. The reality, though, is that there are many instances that require the help of our Naperville urgent care doctor, but are not matters of life or death. If you do go to an ER for them, you’re most likely looking at extended waiting times, and quite possibly a considerably higher co-pay, depending on your health insurance. Just a few examples of things that would cause you to seek out our Naperville urgent care doctor are ear infections, fevers, and sore throats. We are well equipped to handle many other urgent medical needs, too. Among them are treatment for lacerations and minor surgical procedures. We’re here for you six days per week, Monday thru Saturday (see our home page for hours). What is most important to keep in mind is that when you or a loved one is in pain, or is suffering with an ailment that needs prompt attention, you have an option other than waiting it out. And that option is one that features top quality medical treatment.

We hope that you find it comforting to know that you have help that is only a short trip away. Keep our number handy, or better yet, program it into your phone. We’ll make sure you are seen as quickly as possible.

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