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Accidents and injuries can happen to anyone, and eventually we all have those stories to tell that make us laugh, even when the pain of the injury at the time may have felt like too much to bear. In these instances you want to have only an amusing tale of an awful day, and not the story of how you the care you needed was so far out of reach. That’s why our team of medical care experts at your local Naperville immediate medical care center with the care you need, when you need it most. If you have suffered a laceration or fracture or any other form of trauma, you can always be certain to find the care you need at our state of the art facility of Prime Immediate and Primary Care.

Often times when an injury strikes, the patient becomes torn with indecision as to where to go. On one hand, a massive hospital can be sure to give you the care you need no matter how severe your injury may be, but in these same instance you can be forced to wait for so many grueling minutes or even hours that it can feel like eternity, and can truly take a toll on both the mind and body alike. That’s why our team at your trusted Naperville immediate medical care center make expedient and efficient care our number one priority. Not only do we work to serve you as quickly and effectively as possible, our doctors are also skilled and experienced experts in providing advanced medical care that is often beyond the means of many small medical center. Our offices insure that your wait is always short, while our medical care professionals are able to provide our patients with laceration repair and full management and care of fractures and other painful forms of trauma all within out offices.

If you are nervous about receiving the care you need truly as soon as immediately possible, but are also worried about visiting a practice that will only force you to be transferred to one such larger hospital, be sure to take your injuries and trauma emergencies to the practice that truly cares for their patients, with your neighborhood Naperville immediate medical care center. Dr. Fouzia Muhammedkarim is a proud family practitioner who has been serving your local community for many years. Dr. Muhammedkarim takes the time to work one on one with each of her patients to insure that all of their medical needs are met for treatment that truly works to heal your body as quickly and completely as possible. For emergency fracture, laceration, and trauma care that is always there for you when you need it most, be sure to visit Prime Immediate and Primary Care.

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