Naperville Family Physician

Naperville Family Physician

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You will discover that in addition to the general services we offer here at Prime Immediate and Primary Care, we are pleased to offer focused attention to those of all ages. It’s yet another advantage that we are pleased to make available. You can bring your kids for preventive care, and also get the same for yourself. From toddlers to great grandparents, our Naperville family physician is here to help.

Our priority is to put a stop to the onset of disease. It is far preferable to having to address the consequences after they have already occurred. And while prevention is not always possible, with a yearly checkup and full diagnostics, it is much more likely that even if an issue does come up, it can be taken care of simply and effectively. Among the services that our Naperville family physician provided frequently are treatment for colds, coughs, sore throats, fever, eye infections, and ear infections, which are quite common among children. There is no reason to suffer when there is a way to offer relief. And especially during flu season, it’s possible that you may be mistaking its symptoms for that of a cold. Even that for which there is no treatment to remedy it directly can be affected positively with medication and other methods that provide comfort and relief from symptoms. And our lab services make certain that you can get prompt results. Some aspects of healthcare and treatment are applicable to everyone, while others are more specific by age group. Our Naperville family physician is prepared to help everyone in your household to promote healing when sick and to maintain health afterward.

You can schedule a visit by clicking on the appointments tab at the top of our website. For more urgent matters, though, it is best to call our office instead.

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