Naperville eye infection

Naperville Eye Infection

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Diagnosing and treating eye infections in Naperville

Any infection, whether internally or externally, poses a threat to your health that should be addressed at the earliest opportunity. But before you can get diagnosis and treatment for your Naperville eye infection, you have to identify that there’s a problem. Here at Prime Immediate and Primary Care, we want you to get the prompt care that will ensure the best possible outcomes.

The symptoms that may indicate the presence of an eye infection include red eyes or eyelids; discharge that can be yellow, green, or white; a feeling that you have something in your eye, a gray or white sore on the colored part of your eye, blurry vision, loss of vision to any degree, and even fever. It’s not uncommon for irritation to lead to inflammation and then infection, so be aware of any changes to how your eyes feel. When you come in for diagnosis, our eye doctor will perform an examination to reach a definite conclusion about not only whether you have a Naperville eye infection, but also what part of your eye has been impacted by it. If it’s the cornea, this is called keratitis. If it’s the conjunctiva, it is conjunctivitis, or what many people know as pink eye. It’s also crucial to figure out what the source of your Naperville eye infection is. The usual possibilities are a virus or a bacteria, though fungus and chemical irritants may also be responsible. Treatment will be based on the cause. For example viral infections simply have to run their course, though you can take something to lessen discomfort. Bacterial infections, on the other hand, are met with antibiotics.

At the first sign of what may be an eye infection, be certain to reach out to our office immediately for a timely appointment. The more rapidly you get diagnosis and treatment, the less chance there is of significant effect on your ocular health or vision.

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