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Eye Infection in Naperville

Eye infections, just like an infection in any part of your body, will require prompt attention by a specialist. Here at Prime Immediate and Primary Care, you can depend on expert diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of conjunctivitis and keratitis, two common types of eye infections, by our Naperville emergency doctor. With the help of our state-of-the-art panoptic ophthalmoscopes, our board-certified physicians can help diagnose and treat many common eye problems.

Conjunctivitis is better known by the name of “pink eye.” It is highly contagious, and can be transmitted from person to person. If a family member or friend has it, be careful not to touch your eyes with your hands before washing them thoroughly. The symptoms most associated with conjunctivitis are eye redness and itchiness, a burning sensation, blurry vision, excessive tearing, and increased sensitivity to light. Discharge from your eyes may also be present, and can be yellow, green, or white. While any of the symptoms are alarming, you should be particularly quick to contact our Naperville emergency doctor if you notice discharge. Before treatment can commence, it must be determined whether your infection is the result of bacteria, virus, an allergy, or an irritant. Keratitis may be caused or made worse by irritation from your contact lenses. The symptoms of it are nearly identical to those of conjunctivitis, as are the reasons why it develops. Essentially, the only important distinction between these two is what part of your eye is infected: either the conjunctiva or the cornea, respectively. Our Naperville emergency doctor will recommend the most appropriate type of treatment, and the good news is that with timely care, there is no reason to think that an eye infection will pose a lasting threat to your ocular well-being or your vision.

An eye infection is an urgent matter, so be sure to reach out to our office right away when you notice the signs of one. We’re here to help.

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