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Here at Prime Immediate and Primary Care, we believe in dispensing the best medical care we can and in the most timely fashion. Not only that, but we believe in making such services easily available to everyone. Our offices proudly serve the Naperville, Batavia, Aurora, Oswego, North Aurora, Winfield and surrounding areas, and are open six days a week. Our walk-in clinic center aims to meet the needs of every member of your family or business and serve them promptly and with absolute care. We guarantee the presence of a board-certified medical physician in our offices whenever you visit so we can guarantee the care you need. In addition to urgent care, we also offer routine procedures such as Naperville drug testing.

If you are a business in the Naperville area, feel free to send your employees and potential employees to us here at Prime Immediate and Primary Care. We offer great savings for patients, employers and insurance companies, especially when compared to other fast track hospital options or urgent care options here in the area. Also unlike these other medical options, we offer fast and friendly service without the wait. If you need to dispense employee drug testing and screenings for members of your company or potential employees, we offer quick, simple, and safe service at an affordable cost. Protect the integrity of your company while saving money. Not only will you be saving money and ensuring the reliability and uprightness of those who work for you, they will be treated with the utmost friendliness and helpfulness here at our offices. When they walk into our facilities, they will be signed in and seen in an orderly fashion without the long and tedious wait. Once they have been administered the Naperville drug testing, whether a urine, blood, hair, saliva, or breath test, they will receive a signed slip of completion and you, the employer, will receive your employee’s drug results as soon as possible.

Here at Prime Immediate and Primary Care we believe in quick quality service. We realize that people are busy but also need topnotch medical care. If you need an employee drug screening in the Naperville area, look no further than Prime Immediate and Primary Care.

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