Immediate care doctor in Warrenville

Immediate Care Doctor in Warrenville

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Emergency Medical Care in Warrenville

Immediate care doctor in Warrenville
Immediate care doctor in Warrenville

If you are looking for a medical practice that can provide you with emergency medical care, you should become familiar with our practice, Prime Immediate and Primary Care. At our medical practice, our immediate care doctor in Warrenville, Dr. Fouzia Muhammedkarim, is able to provide both emergency medical care as well as preventive and scheduled medical care.

When patients need emergency medical care, they know that they can count on being treated at our Prime Immediate and Primary Care practice. Sometimes it seems that the only alternative is for a patient to rush over to the nearest emergency room. However, patients now have an alternative; they can come to see us at Prime Immediate and Primary Care. Not only do we provide much faster treatment, but we also provide less expensive service then when you go to your local emergency room. You will also enjoy being treated by our doctor whom you are familiar with. Along with providing traditional preventive medical care, our immediate care doctor in Warrenville also treats a wide range of emergency situations, or situations that simply call for immediate medical care. Some of the illnesses and conditions that are treated at our practice include: colds and flu symptoms; sore throats; bronchitis and other respiratory illnesses, including pneumonia; asthma; ear infections; urinary tract infections; allergies; vomiting; diarrhea; dehydration; headache; backaches; abdominal pain; eye infections; nosebleeds; and injuries such as a sprained ankle. Patients are also able to come to our primary care practice when they need diagnostic tests, lab services; physicals; preventive care; vaccinations; occupational health services; and gynecologic services.

For an appointment to see our immediate care doctor in Warrenville for either emergency medical care, or non-emergency health care, contact us today and simply let us know the reason for your call. We will be sure to give you an appointment which fully meets your medical needs.

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