Batavia board certified physician

Batavia board certified physician

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Family physicians in Batavia

Batavia board certified physician
Batavia board certified physician

Are you looking for a great family physician who can help with the medical needs of your entire family? Is it important to you that your family doctor is a board certified physiciani? If your answer to both questions is yes, you will want to visit us at Prime Immediate and Primary Care. Dr. Fouzia Muhammedkarim is a Batavia board certified physician, and is just one of the doctors you may meet when you come to our clinic for health care.

You do not need an appointment at our walk-in clinic to see Dr. Muhammedkarim, or any Batavia board certified physician in our practice. And best of all, when you come into our walk-in urgent care clinic, there is always a board certified physician available in our medical office to see you. When you come into a doctor’s office you generally want to see a doctor – someone who you know has the expertise and years of practical experience who can accurately diagnose and treat your situation. You will be seen in a timely fashion, and every member of your family will be treated with the highest levels of care and compassion that you deserve.

When you come in to our clinic to see a Batavia board certified physician, you will be able to receive immediate treatment for many different medical problems. Some of the issues we can treat immediately on site are: laceration repair; fracture and trauma management; asthma management and treatment; skin infections and occupational medicine treatments to name just a few. Conditions and illnesses we treat are: cold and flu; sore throat; pneumonia and bronchitis; ear infections; urinary tract infections; gynecological problems; vomiting; diarrhea; dehydration; headaches; backaches; abdominal pain; and more. Our medical services are offered at dramatic cost savings to all of our patients, and will save you a lot of money rather than going to a hospital emergency room or hospital “fast track” or “urgent care.” Another advantage of coming to us is that you will be in and out the door, ready to go on with your day, much faster than if you had gone to a hospital ER. Of course, if you have a life threatening emergency, such as a suspected heart attack or stroke, always call 911 or go to your hospital Emergency Room.

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