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Aurora IL Urgent Care

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Emergency Medical Care in Aurora

Aurora IL Urgent Care
Aurora IL Urgent Care

At Prime Immediate and Primary Care, we provide emergency medical care to the Naperville and surrounding areas for those looking for Aurora IL urgent care. Our walk-in clinic in Naperville is open six days a week to best serve you and your immediate needs, without the wait.

We always have a board certified physician in our medical offices in order to best treat our patients, and pride ourselves in being able to serve you in a timely fashion. No appointment is needed. We perform many different Aurora IL urgent care procedures, such as fracture and trauma treatments, laceration repair, treatment for asthma, skin infection, and occupational medicine. Most patients are able to come in and leave within the hour. Even better, most of our medical services are offered at a great discount to our patients. Other emergency medical care treatments that we provide are care for cold and flu, pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses, asthma and ear infection, sickness from dehydration, vomiting and allergies, and abdominal pain. We also perform diagnostic testing and physicals.

At Prime Immediate and Primary Care, we not only provide Aurora IL urgent care, but we also provide general preventive medical care, such as x-rays, blood tests and annual exams. Many patients also come in needing treatment for coughs, colds and sore throats. A cough is one of our more common complaints. They usually happen when the patient is experiencing a viral or bacterial infection. Asthma, medication and allergies can also cause coughs. If needed, we can perform a chest x-ray and nebulizer treatment for those with asthma and a resulting cough. Ear and eye infections are another commonly seen ailment that many patients come in with. We can routinely treat both middle and outer ear infections, and treat conditions such as conjunctivitis or corneal abrasions. Lastly, for those needing drug screenings for an employer, Prime Immediate and Primary Care can perform this type of testing to ensure that you meet the job requirements needed for employment. We will perform any lab services as needed as ordered by your local hospital, and perform blood glucose tests, pregnancy tests and urinalysis testing.

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