Aurora ear infections

Aurora Ear Infections

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Aurora ear infections
Aurora ear infections

Aurora ear infections can be very painful, and are common in children. Here at Prime Immediate and Primary Care, we’re committed to helping you and your child, whether the need is typical and can wait for an open appointment, or more urgent, calling for an emergency visit to our offices. You can depend on our doctor to be patient and comforting, as well as efficient in the diagnosis and evaluation of any health problem, for patients of all ages, and especially when it comes to your child. We’re here when you need us most, including Saturday hours.

You may be able to “tough out” pain, but you shouldn’t have to. And when it comes to your child, we understand that there is nothing more heart-rending than to see her or him suffer. Aurora ear infections are certainly not something that your child is overreacting to. The pain is very real and can be severe. So don’t wait to have him or her seen. Sure, you could go to an emergency room, but there is a strong chance you will wait there for a long time, as cases are taken in on the basis of how urgent they are. Ear infections won’t always find their way to the top of the list. Plus, emergency room visits often bring with them unreasonable health insurance co-pays. No, instead, call us and we will make the effort to have your child seen as soon as possible. She or he will receive the attentive care necessary to alleviate the problem, making your child feel better and easing your worried mind. Our doctor will identify the treatment most appropriate for him or her and soon your child will be happily on the road to recovery.

In addition to Aurora ear infections, we want you to know that we address many other urgent matters including sore throats, eye infections, lacerations, fevers, and even performing minor surgery. Keep our number handy and use it whenever you need a primary or urgent care doctor.

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