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Aurora Eye Infection Treatment

When you have an eye infection, it is not a situation that can wait until you are able to get an appointment. At Prime Immediate and Primary Care, we take such matters with the seriousness that they require. Among eye infections, a common one that come up is conjunctivitis, or what is often called simply pink eye. But if you notice any of the symptoms that are associated with an eye infection, you can depend on our immediate care doctor Aurora for the expert medical attention that you require.

What is it that causes you to suffer an eye infection? Some of the typical reasons for them include bacterial or viral infection, irritants, or allergens (such as dust or pollen). Among the indications that you should be aware of are itchy eyes, a feeling like burning in the eyes, blurry vision, excessive tearing, unusual sensitivity to light, and redness in your eyes. It is also not unusual for there to be discharge, which may be either yellow, green, or white. The conjunctiva of your eye is not the only part of it that can become infected. Your cornea can, as well. That is called keratitis, and it is generally brought on from wearing contact lenses. The symptoms are very similar to those of conjunctivitis. The good news is that our immediate care doctor Aurora has all of the necessary diagnostic tools to make a determination so that treatment can begin right away. In addition to eye infections, many other eye emergencies, including pain, sudden loss of vision, and a foreign object stuck in your eye may cause you to need treatment from our immediate care doctor Aurora.

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